• Specification :
    • Part Material Resistance
      Handle Conductive/Antistatic P.P. 10e4 ~ 10e9 Ohm
      Bristles Antistatic PA Nylon D:0.2-0.35mm 10e7 ~ 10e10 Ohm
  • Application :
    • Using at electronic related produce, combination for static eliminate and prevent the fricative static when clean the products.
    • Harder brushes are used mainly for electronics in manufacturing and service of the circuit boards.
    • Soft brushes are used for cleaning optics, micro-circuits etc.
  • Feature :
    • No dust、 heat resistance、 abrasion resistance、impact resistance and excellent chemical resistance.
Item No. Description Size Weight
BB-501 Ball brush (1 row) Total Length 140/ Bristle D4.0xH16mm 8 g
BB-502 Round pen brush (7 bundles) Total Length 120/ bristle D10xH18mm 8 g
BB-503 Flat pen brush (11 bundles) Total Length 147/ bristle Ll6xW4.SxH18mm 10 g
BB-511 Flat Pen brush Total Length 160/ bristle L30xW15XH 5 mm 22 g
BB-504 Straight handle brush (S) / 7 bundles Total Length 140 / bristle L33xW2.7xH25mm 12 g
BB-505 Straight handle brush (M)/ 9 bundles Total Length 140/ bristle L43xW2.7xH25mm 13 g
BB-506 Straight handle brush (L )/ 12 bundles Total Length 170/ bristle LSSxW2.7xH25mm 21 g
BB-512 Tooth brush type/3 row /20 bundles Total Length 175/ bristle L35xW10xH16mm 19 g
BB-517 Tooth brush type/2 row/20 bundles Total Length 170/ bristle L60xW10xH18 23 g
BB-518 Tooth brush type (L)Brush /3 row/34 bundles Total Length 225/ bristle L90xW16xH22 52 g
BB-507 Straight handles brush(Thick)/ 3 bundles Total Length 150/ bristle L18xW3.6xH25mm 17 g
BB-508 Straight handles brush(Thick)/ 6 bundles Total Length 170/ bristle L40xW4.5xH42mm 21 g
BB-509 Straight handles brush(Thick)/ 8 bundles Total Length 170/ bristle L55xW5.0xH42mm 30 g
BB-530 U type brush(S)5 row/50 bundles Total Length 95 / bristle L68xW32xH20mm 63 g
BB-531 U type brush(M)7 row/98 bundles Total Length 120/ bristle L9SxW46xH20mm 107 g
BB-532 U type brush(L)8 row/168 bundles Total Length 180/ bristle Ll55xW57xH20mm 203 g
BB-524 Row brush(S)1 row /16 bundles Total Length 255/ bristle L12SxW5xH33mm 80 g
BB-525 Row brush(L)1 row/33 bundles Total Length 390/ bristle L220xW5xH48mm 143 g