Function :
Via the conductive grounding mat and wire , the human body with the earth to form a conductive connection to discharge the excessive static electricity and can receive the Earth’s energy to reap the benefits of [Grounding]to health.

Material : High quality conductive rubber texture mat
Resistance : 10e3-10e4 ohm
Thickness : 1.15~1.2mm
Stud Snap : 4mm or 10mm
Snapping quantity : Optional 1/ 2/ 4 pcs
Grounding cord : In accordance with demand Coil or straight cord and concerning accessories
MTC-TM0125 x 68 cm Floor、Table、stand or sit、Computer、Keyboard、Mouse 、Bed、Pet
MTC-TM0250 x 60 cm Meditation、Computer table、Chair、Outdoor、Pet、Stand or sit
MTC-TM0360 x 60 cm Meditation、Computer、Table 、Chair、Outdoor、Stand or sit
MTC-TM0460 x 70 cm Meditation、 Floor、Table、Picnic、Sunbath、Outdoor
MTC-TM0560 x 120 cm Sofa、Table、SPA、Bed、Sharing、Yoga、Massage
MTC-TM0660 x 180 cm Bed、Sofa、Yoga、Outdoor、SPA、Massage
MTC-TM0775 x 200 cm Bed、Sharing、Camping、Picnic、Yoga
MTC-TM0820 x 25 cm Mouse、Personal grounding
MTC-TM0925 x 25 cm Car Chair、Sofa Armrests、Mouse、Personal grounding
MTC-TM1025 x 30 cm Car Chair、Sofa Armrests、Mouse、Personal grounding