Earthing Sheet / Pillow case /Fabric Mat

Application :
The Earthing sheet and pillow case conveniently grounds your body during sleep, and protect yourself from harmful electromagnetic fields (EMF) in your environment.
The Earthing Half-Sheet can be placed at foot end of bed, over the bottom fitted sheet, and tucked around and under the mattress. Placing your bare feet or any part of your body on the sheet. Contact the product to bare skin for better effect.
The Earthing Half-Sheet can also be placed lengthwise on the bed. The sheet connects to the Earth with a grounding cord. One end of the cord snaps onto the sheet. The prong end of the cord inserts into the ground port of an grounded electrical outlet or connects to a ground rod.
Feature :
  • Dustproof with low amount of dust generation
  • High weaving, tensile, tearing, and bonding strength.
  • Breathes well, comfortable, and can be used in both sides.
  • Effectively reducing the static voltage in the human body.
  • Resist corrosion, abrasion, and high temperature.
  • The carbon fiber cloth is washable, no oxidation problems that often happened on silver fiber cloth.
Specification :
  • Material : 94% Polyester + 6% conductive carbon filament
  • Fabric type : Fine Grid (2.5mm)
  • Surface resistance : 10e5-10e6 Ohm
  • Static decay time : <0.17 s.
  • Color : White / Light blue color
  • Snap : 4 mm or 10mm
  • Wire matching : can be matched with straight cord, coiled cord, snap, plug styles and any desired accessories.
Earthing Sheet
Earthing sheet Size:
Item No. Size Usage
MTC-CW01 70 X 170 CM Single half
MTC-CW02 90 X 240 CM Single full/Double half
MTC-CW03 150 X 270 CM Double Full
MTC-CW04 140 X 200 CM Double flat
Earthing Pillow case
Earthing Fabric Mat/Cushion cover