※ About Grounding (Earthing)

The earth is the most primitive and ultimate green energy, Grounding can bring numerous benefits to the human body. Grounding, or so called Earthing, is refer to the situation when the human body connected to the earth electrically to eliminate the excessive static electricity that aims to remain the equal potential between the human body and the earth. Recovering the potential balance of human body to the normal charged state could restore the antioxidant system in vivo that fight against the free radicals.

◎ The purpose to use grounding products-
The users can receive the benefit generated from the ground through connecting to the earth pin on every main electrical outlet or a rod, and wire running with the device like the grounding sheet, mat, shoes, wrist or leg band, when not able to touch the ground outside with bare feet or indoors.
◎ The benefits of Grounding-
  • Eliminate the excessive static electricity
  • Improve sleep and promote a deeper sleep
  • Increase energy and vitality and immunity.
  • Improve the blood circulation
  • Accelerate wound healing from trauma
  • Less inflammation
  • Reduce the stress, anxiety, or anaphylactic.
  • Accelerate recovery the energy from intense athletic activity.

※ Note :
Grounding or earthing products is belonged to home health care. It’s safe and natural.Suitable for every edge. It’s not medicine or substitute for medical treatment.The product itself does not have the effect of healing specific disease.

◎ Application-
  • Sleeping, reading, watching TV, meditation, yoga, or shiatsu aromatherapy.
  • Office workers, prolonged period use of computers and 3c supplies
  • Regeneration of the energy after prolonged period shopping or intense exercise,
  • A long time of driving (taxi, long-distance ...)
  • The labor workers who work in fixed position constantly.
  • Stay up all night for studying the exam.
◎ Grounding (Earthing) products list
  • Grounding mat : rubber mat 、 PVC leather mat
  • Grounding band : for wrist、forehead 、neck、leg、ankles、arms、elbow、stomach/torso。
  • Grounding bed sheet 、pillow cover 、scarf
  • Grounding rod、Patches
  • Cordless Portable Grounding mat
  • Grounding cord series 、concerning accessories
  • Grounding point tester、body voltage meter