~BHO ESD Health Care Grounding Band~



Wrist band 103-23

Head band 103-60

Neck/Leg 109-45

Waist band 109-105


rist band 110-26

Head band 110-60

Neck/Leg 110-45

Waist band 110-105


Static eliminating grounding (earthing) band is a combination of conductive elastic, snap fastener, grounding cord, protection of resistance, and plug or the alligator clip. It is used for release the remaining static electricity to protect the human body, eliminate fatigue, and improve sleeping quality. Portable, affordable and convenient.


The band is made by soft yarn woven that has the features of light, thin, and soft. It is easy to use by contacting with the skin. The ring type and plug type lock structure make it easy for users to adjust the size. Compliance with SGS, ROSH requirement.

The structure of the band:

  • Band Material: Nylon fiber fabric with conductive yarn into elastic band.This high conductive band is corrosion resistant and will not harm the skin.
  • Plastic parts: Insulation ABS
  • Metal: 300 series stainless steel
  • Button: Copper with nickel plated
  • Resistance: <10e3 ohm

The structure of grounding cord:

  • Light gray 2mm UV resistant material with PU covered. It contains 7 strand tinsel with high flexible and high conductive . One end is the button, and another end is a single copper tube plug that easy to plug in grounding hole. It can also be plugged into an alligator clip and connect to grounding point.
  • Cord supplement: Please refer to the grounding Cord catalog.
  • Grounding method: Please refer to the grounding Instruction page.

Band Type: Width-19mm & 30mm // Snap : 4mm&10mm