Universal Grounding (Earthing)-EPP Mat

Earthing is a movement that taps into the electrical energy of the earth. Itis believed that Earth’s electrical field transfers to the body if some part of the body touches the earth or touches an object that can conduct Earth's electrical field.
Application :
  • Sleeping, reading, watching TV, meditation, yoga, or shiatsu aromatherapy.
  • Office workers, prolonged period use of computers and 3c supplies
  • Regeneration of the energy after prolonged period shopping or intense exercise,
  • A long time of driving (taxi, long-distance ...)
  • The labor workers who work in fixed position constantly.
  • Stay up all night for studying the exam.
Description :
  • The thin black top conductive layer is the layer that your body makes contact with。
  • Black layer is high conductivity, good conduction, good effective。
  • The foamed layer with a color at the bottom is a non-condcutive layer.
  • Flat and Smooth surface suitable for skin touch and computer, mouse use。
  • Softness and light touch comfortable and easy carry。
Specification :
  • Material : EPP(Environment protection polyvinyl chloride) Foaming, two color soft mat,black layer is infusedwith high content conductive carbon. Carbon is the 2nd most abundantelement In the human body after oxygen
  • Resistivity : 10e3-10e4 ohm
  • Thickness: 3mm
  • Snap : 4mm or 10mm , snap quantity as per require.
  • Grounding cord : According to the demand to collocate the coil orstraight cord, length, Snap size, plug type and concerning accessories.
Item No. Size(cm)
MTC-FM01 25 x 68 cm
MTC-FM02 25 x 40 cm
MTC-FM03 25 x 30 cm
MTC-FM04 20 x 25 cm
MTC-FM05 50 x 60 cm
Item No. Size(cm)
MTC-FM06 60 x 60 cm
MTC-FM07 50 x 100 cm
MTC-FM08 60 x 120 cm
MTC-FM09 60 x 180 cm
MTC-FM10 70 x 200 cm
Customized size available