Grounding(Earthing) Yoga Mat

When you’re in physical contact with the Earth, waves of energy or free electrons – transfer to your body. Wearing shoes and living indoors blocks this energy flow. The Earth’s energy helps restore and maintain your body’s natural electrical state.Grounding, or connecting directly with the Earth, may help support your muscle recovery the function and energy levels. Grounding may also offer protection against the unwanted effects of EMFs or electropollution.BHO Earthing Yoga Mat provides a safe, effective way to tap into the Earth’s energy, without going outdoors! You can use it in your home, office, gym, or your favorite yoga studio.
Application :
  • BHOEarthing fitness Yoga Mat -Perfect for any type of barefoot physical activity, including yoga,Tai Chi, kickboxing, Pilates, or lifting weights,
  • BHO Earthing fitness Yoga Mat can also be used for more passive activities like meditation、stretching、working,or relaxing、home cushion、baby crawling 、outdoor picnic。
  • As long as you maintain direct skin contact with the black surface of the mat, you’re connected!
Feature :
  • Provide high quality non-slip performance and stable support.
  • Environmentally friendly non-toxic polymer chemically synthesized for safe use.
  • Good softness with good cushioning and elasticity.
  • Black layer is high conductivity, good conduction.
  • Comes with a storage bag for easy carrying and storage.
Meditation /Seat Mat
Specification :
  • Material : EPP(Environment protection polyvinyl chloride )Foaming, two color soft mat,black layer is Infused with high content conductive carbon. Carbon is the 2nd most abundant element In the human body after oxygen.
  • Thickness : 6MM
  • Resistivity : 10e3-10e4 ohm
  • connect snap : 4mm or 10mm
  • Grounding cord : According to the demand to fit with the coil or straight cord, length, Snap size, plug type and concerning accessories.
  • Packing : Yoga storage bag
Item No. Size (cm) application
MTC-YG601 60 x 180 cm Yoga Mat
MTC-YG602 60 x 60 cm Meditation Mat
MTC-YG603 50 x 60 cm Seat /Chair mat
other customize size available