How to use Grounding (Earthing)Products

Foreword -Earthingor grounding products has conductcapability, no limited to a person’s posture nor its location. For better effect, you should contact the product to bare skin to ground the body. For instructions please consult the following
Grounding Method &Steps
<1> Finding the Grounding Point–Methods as below
A. Using buildin’s inside metallic parts –Can use an earthing detector to find the fitting earthing points (Ex: Light steel frame, Metallic door, window frame, Metal screw on the wall, metal pipe of earth connected .…)use the male prong plug into an alligator clip clamp to the point or use ring terminal cord screwed on the metal frame or screw point then connect the earthing products.
B. Using Indoor Outlet (1)Using the grounded third prong outlet - Before using, you must check thatthe outlet is real grounded and no leaks by detector or outlet checker. Also, can use the splitter to connectmultiple earthing products with an Earth connection plug or extension cord.
(2).Or to use the Ring Terminal cord screwed on the screw ports of the socket or screwed on to the metal frame can be grounded.
C.Using the Ground RodUsing 「Outdoor Stainless Steel Groundingrod Kits」Push the Ground Rod directly into the moist earth close to the foundation of the building,pass through the door or window, connect the indoor grounding wire and products to use it.
D.Using CordlessMobile Grounding Pad 1.As agrounding port (station)), can matching multi-holesplitter
<New Patent> box to connect multiple earthing products forsome people using at the same time.
2.When single use as earthingor grounding mat , no need to connect to any cords.

※<Regarding the Cordlessgroundingmat, please consult with its catalog instruction >
<2> Setting up the earthing products —Attach snap end of earthing cord to snap nub on products, then insert prong end of earthing cord into ground port (third hole, meteal frame…or rod cord)
<3> Body and Skin touch on Products —For better effect, you must make bare skin contact with products.
<4> How to care for the earthingproucts —To clean the mat, simply down the mat using a non corrosive cleaner, Don’t useChlorinebleach to clean avoid effect the conductivity. Note: Do not apply lotions, creams to the skin on parts for our body that will be in contact with the mat before use.