BHO ESD Health Bracelet

SGS Approved
Physical Characteristics :
The healthy bracelet inner layer with special highly conductive material dissipates static electricity in human Body by forming an electrostatic field ring. Referring to[Faraday’s law] This potential energy charges the ions in the blood vessels for improved blood flow and increase blood circulation capacity. The Band’s special metallic conductor creates [CORONA] discharge effect which equalize the electrostatic potential difference between a human body and surroundingenvironment. Keep the body’s potential balanced andFree from static interference.
Effect ofstatic interference on human body
Electrostatic shock
Bad metabolism
Bad sleep
Poor mood
Acidic constitution
Easy fatigue
High pressure
Accelerated aging
Cardiovascular disease
Dry skin
The benefits of releasing excessive static electricity from human body :
  • Reduce the body's accumulation of static electricity and electrostatic shock.
  • Improve the blood circulation, increase blood oxygen levels.
  • Steady blood pressure and normal heart beat.
  • Adjusting human body vigor field, improve the physique, reducing the occurrence of allergic diseases.
  • Relieve fatigue, improve sleep quality, relieve anxiety mood.
  • Reduce EMF injury (such as cell phone/computer / TV, etc.) to the human body, reduce migraines.
  • Alleviate of nerve pain and muscle ache after excessive exercise.
Ideal for Long-term use of computers,staying up late,and sports groups、 or persistent cold hands and feet, tingling, poor circulation person.
Feature :
Easy Wear、Durable、No Particle
Instruction :
Can be worn on different parts of body on individual needs. Use as single bracelet or multiple links for legs, head, neck and body or as application required.
Specification :
Model :BTC-711
Size : 235X15mm
Resist0ivity : 10e3~10e4 Ohm
Color : Blue, Red, Yellow, Black, Light gray
Orange, Green, purple or others.
Material : Special medical grade ,antistatic silicone With high content conductive carbon.
Caution :
On initial use, dizziness , accelerate blood circulation , or other symptoms are the normal
effects from the products. Continued to use, will reduce the side effects.